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The Sacred Window

A therapeutic and informative support group for moms of newborns

"The Sacred Window" comes from the Ayurvedic tradition (the first 42 days after birth) and embraces the significance of this important time in the lives of mothers and newborns. In Western cultures, the postpartum period encompasses the 12 weeks following birth. 

This time can be filled with joy, but also many challenging transitions ~ physical, emotional, and relational. 

Our program is designed to help you navigate your Sacred Window. 

Each of these virtual sessions will focus on a different topic and explore what the "experts" have to say as well as share our own experiences and resources. Group members will also have time to support each other in this nurturing and safe space facilitated by CJ DeMarco, LPC. 

Topics may include (and can be tailored to group needs):

  • what's "normal"

  • feeding ~ baby & you

  • post baby bodies

  • support systems

  • the internet ~ friend or foe

  • return to work/stay at home

  • your birth experience

  • relationships & sexuality

  • sleep ~ baby & you

  • beyond 3 months

Nursing Newborn

The Sacred Window group is open to any mother* with a newborn (1 to 12 weeks), whether it's your first or your fifth. We will gather for six consecutive weeks for 75 minutes each session. Our virtual setting allows for your comfort and convenience. Babies are always welcome on screen at your discretion. 

* must be located in NJ at the time of each group gathering

To strengthen the group dynamic, members must commit to attend all six weeks. This will improve each person's experience and allow for trust and community to develop. 

The Details

  • ideally, register while you're still pregnant, but that's not a deal breaker!

  • complete the CONTACT ME section below for more information and/or to schedule a consultation to see if this group is right for you

  • group fee is $60 per 75 minute session 

    • insurance may cover some or all of the costs of this group (check with your provider for details)

  • this group is not meant to replace treatment by a healthcare practitioner nor to treat individuals experiencing severe postpartum mental health concerns

  • members will be eligible for discounted rates on supplemental groupsincluding infant massage and mommy & me yoga (information will be shared as groups become available)

CJ DeMarco is a Licensed Professional Counselor located in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. She has an extensive background in childbirth education and the support of laboring and breastfeeding mothers. CJ believes that women are empowered by information and that navigating unfamiliar experiences can feel far less scary when those experiences are shared with and supported by others. As a mother of five grown children and grandmother to seven, CJ understands the ins and outs of new motherhood and is committed to helping make a difference in the lives of women, their babies, and their families through compassion, empathy, and humor. 

To schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation to see if this group is right for you, complete the CONTACT ME section below. 

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